Ogino Pool

During the summer break (obon yasumi) the weather was terribly hot. It is still hot somehow. I went further times to the municipal swimming pool at Ogino Sports Park. (Ogino undo koen). This is cheap 400¥ for an adult and a discount for a kid. Mines are even youngers so it is free for them, I think until elementary school.
There is a ticket machine which provide you a magnetic card to enter. You validate in and out. It helps counting the folks inside the pool. You will have the number on the top of the information counter. The day I found out about this information board, there were 75 peoples. The outside 50m pool is open only during the summer break. It was a heavy rainy day so most of the swimmers were in the inside 25m pool and I would say this is good enough. More would be too crowded for me
You can get a prepaid card. You pay 3000¥ and you get a 500¥ present. (2000¥+300¥ also available) This is the same money for residents and non-residents of Astugi-town.
Take the small plastic back to put your shoes in. The locker place has closing lockers. 10¥ needed that you can get back.
Babies need to be clean. No dipper, no swimming dipper. The outside pool is allowed for kids from elementary. Inside, you have a 30cm deep pool.
You can have any kind of swim suit. You must have a swim cap.

Something I never experienced in France, the safety break. Every one hour (...h20) you will be asked to leave the pool so the staff can check if nobody's diving... They check the temperature, acidity, dive and clean up the big stuffs (bandages, broken goggles, lost keys...)

The water is far to be perfectly clean but it is same level that what I could find in France. I did not mind, my wife did a little bit.

You also have individuals showers and a sauna.

39 males inside

If you forget your cap or goggles, they do not borrow. You can buy an Mizuno official product @ official prices. (~1000¥ the cap that you can get for 200¥ in any Department store)

Open from 9h30 to 20h20

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